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A good Mobile App design showcases exactly what your business is; in other words, one can say, that, it is the first impression of your business. Vigsita Interactives works hard to make that first impression, the best impression of your business. Our skills have made us the best Mobile App Designing Company; since the day of inception. Our company has a trusted name in the era because of the positive results delivered by our adroit designers to our esteemed clients. The experts in our team aim to design the mobile app in such a manner that will seek the attention of all your clients.

UI/UX are the two most important components in designing a mobile app which influences the retention rate.

What is User Interface?
User Interface (UI) is the graphical representation that allows the user to interact with the features, content, and functions of the app. In other words, it is more involved with the aesthetics and presentation of the app. User Interface (UI) determines the position of every element on the screen including buttons, icons and other interactive aspects. The visual design makes the mobile app more appealing by implementing elements such as images and animations among other things.

What is User Experience?
User Experience (UX) is basically user perceptions and responses resulting from the use of a product. UX can be enhanced by improving user satisfaction, usability, and accessibility. Positive user experiences spark curiosity among the users forming an emotional connect.

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