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Centrally monitor and control legal cases, notice to improve efficiencies, communication through the legal ecosystem.

Manage Multiple Entities

1) Flexibility to create group company, multiple legal entities, location and departments
2) Each department can add, manage, assign their cases, notification; hence no dependency
3) Flexibility to chose department wise users, approvers and HODs o
Lexcomply - ERM enables organizations to implement an Enterprise Risk management (ERM) & Internal Controls framework. Risk Manager captures information such as loss events, key risk indicators (KRIs), assessment responses and scenario analysis data in a flexible and connected way.

Strategic Business Insight, Connected Risk Intelligence, Identify, assess, quantify, manage, and monitor your Ent
Most comprehensive coverage of compliance amongst the available compliance solutions in India, we ensure you don’t miss any compliance or legal updates . Know all you need about compliance in a single screen.

Unified system with integrated legal library to identify, allocate, report and monitor regulatory compliance across ecosystem. we ensure you don’t miss any compliance or legal updates. F
LexComply is an excellence mantra for you. LexComply simplifies the compliance management tasks for you by integrating the technology across the business and making good governance and due diligence a way of life in your organization.

LexComply 6 step Compliance Management Cycle, uncomplicates a multitude of high-end Corporate Governance Tasks and makes your organisation COMPLIANT!!!
A company in its lifetime has to ensure three types of compliances-Due date based, Ongoing and Event based. Compliance with all these type of Compliances helps a company to attain the status of being fully compliant. These compliances can be done only when the concerned officials have proper and timely knowledge about them. Further, every company has certain events happening in its operations whi
Einstein is quoted as having said that if he had one hour to save the world he would spend fifty-five minutes defining the problem and only five minutes finding the solution. Same theory of Einstein goes well in the corporate world we work in. Penalties and prosecutions levied under various acts can be avoided only when we are well aware of the acts applicable to the Company and understand and ex
Practice Management Software for Pediatric doctors comes with Appointment & OPD Billing, Patient Registration, Pediatric Clinical Records, EMR & EHR Module & Indoor Management.
Software which provides Front Office, Back Office & EMR (Electronic Medical Records ).
Software will help you to manage your appointments, billing, opd records, indoor records, EMR Templates, One Screen Concept.
At Integrated Discomfort Management, we take a complete and complete individual technique to handling your health and wellness. We strive to divide our own selves by supplying the most evidence based methods to coping with musculoskeletal circumstances as well as supplying the finest individual option. Integrated Discomfort Management prides itself on constructing first class partnerships with pa
At Integrated Pain Management, we take a total and full individual technique to handling your overall health and wellness. We strive to divide our personal selves by offering essentially the most evidence based approaches to coping with musculoskeletal situations in addition to supplying the finest person remedy. Integrated Discomfort Management prides itself on constructing 1st class partnership
Innovative and entertaining products that make life easier and more enjoyable. Raw Corporate Gifts has been offering to companies who want to reward their best employees and valued customers. Raw Enterprises Corporate Sales create attention, conversation and yield lasting impressions.

At RAW Corporate Gifts we offer a service that allows you to personalise your chosen promotional items to fit
For the very best in document management software and paperless office solution, the best choice that you can make is eFileCabinet. With more than ten years of experience offering paperless office software, eFileCabinet is a leading document management company that specializes in increasing profitability for small to mid-sized businesses that are spending far too much time in labor dollars managi
Property management LA target is to assist their clients and preserve occupancy in addition to maximize the worth of their property. Each participant of their knowledgeable personnel is well versed in the realty garden of L.A. and is committed to keeping their customers secured and educated.

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