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We talk about M-commere, mobile technology and other inventions going on with the mobile devices but we are not aware about the vulnerabilities of mobile application, are we? Mobile devices are the field of study of dozens of security treatments, but it's often mobile app development that dish out as attack vectors. There are several factors that contribute to application vulnerabilities: Malware
“App design trends come and go, but being unique apps never goes out of style”

“Let’s build an app and make million dollars.” It is not all that same-simple-silly thing today as it used to be half decade ago. That is, building a great mobile application. The mobile app development ecosystem is flourishing in today's hyper-competitive market. Did you know that App Store grows by over 1.5k apps
Take a sneak peak into the smart world with smart technology. With  ever increasing mobile apps the vulnerability of their hacking is also increasing. Mobile app became more ingrained in our daily life from financial transactions to health check ups. But password can be hacked and it may cost you a lot. Have a peak on the next gen secure mobile apps. Read the article and take a tour to next gen s
The mobile app market is booming and we all know it. The trend fluctuates every now and then. Undoubtedly, mobile apps are significantly becoming part of our lives. ComScore analysis assures that 63% of web traffic for the 10 biggest US retail websites came from mobile devices in December 2015. The primary thing concerned with this was that most of them originated from mobile apps. That does soun
The hurly burly burst of the mobile application market is popularly known as ‘mobile app revolution’. If you recall the massive box of software, with 100 pages of manual that would cost $1000, has become days of past. Now it only takes a minute to download and start using the application instantaneously. But, with the pace this is going, entrepreneurs agree that the recent changes occurring in th
Today’s businesses have gone mobile and the question that most are asking is whether the business in question needs a mobile website or a mobile app or both. Many people can get confused initially as both the camps have several followers who can vouch for each.

Actually, it can be difficult to arrive at a coherent decision given the fact that both mobile apps as well as mobile websites can loo
Looking to develop your own mobile app? Just cannot decide which platform to choose? With mobile apps becoming the center of smartphones, people of all ages find it difficult to take their hands off their mobiles anytime of the day or night. With the app development platform environment growing rapidly year after year, it is essential to make the right choice which sets the basis for your app and
If you are an app developer, you probably have your own independent strategy when developing a mobile app. When interacting with clients and app entrepreneurs, you may love to share titbits about how you work.What are the practices that you follow? Do these actually lead to better time management or hold you back? Here are five best practices for mobile app developers to succeed and avoid making
Merely having an app will not help brands to stand apart, from the crowd. Check-out the five interesting ways, app developers can boost app engagement and improve ROI.
App users today have a tide of options to pick from. Their choices range from education, to entertainment, to lifestyle, among others. A direct consequence of this is a number of apps stand wasted, in app stores. These apps are do
The rapid rate of growth at which the mobile application development industry is progressing, it becomes hard to become stable in the market. The complexity in the app making is more than expected as there are several challenging tasks waiting for the mobile app developers up front which give them immense persuasion while developing the application.
The trends in mobile applications development have changed at a rapid pace with so much of improvements as well as modifications in the operating systems. Also emerging platforms for mobile applications have made it difficult for a single operating system. It represents some important thing to observe the future market of cross-platform mobile app development methods can capture.

The flourishing business of mobile applications has been increasing since its evolution in the IT sector. At the same time, due to tight competition between vendors, the rates for mobile applications have been drastically reduced. The implementation of mobile applications has huge amount of budget involved which is required for developing a mobile or tablet application.

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