Why Choose Laminate HDB Main Door?

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Why Choose Laminate HDB Main Door?

Laminate Bedroom Door is the most popular and high in demand for HDB Main Door and Bedroom as the choice of laminate can match your renovated house theme easily

In order to enhance the HDB Main Door even further, the glossy or matt surface is also important, visit our showroom today to find out more

1. Water Resistance

  • The Interior Designer Laminate HDB Main Door can withstand rainfallfrom slashing onto it
  • As Laminate have a layer of protection against water, some is even anti-Bacteria

2. Scratch Resistance (Pet Friendly)

  • Especially for HDB owners whom keep cats and dogs, Laminate HDB Main Door is highly recommended
  • As to prevent pets from scratching against the door to leave scars,Matt surface would be highly recommended

3. Sound Resistance

  • With full solid HDB Main Door, sound will be absorb and stopped partially, prevent it to penetrate into the HDB

4. No Maintenance

  • As long as you don’t use heavy or sharp objects to knock against the door

5. Weight Resistance

  • All our Laminate HDB Main Door or Bedroom Door is Full Solid, Hence you are able to install door closer or clothes hanger at the back of the door