Job description of a computer Network Specialist:

Computer specialist to update, analyze, store and troubleshoot computer problems in an organization. They can set up support boards, update or repair computer hardware and related devices, or check for external threats.

The job description of a professional computer programmer (commonly called a network operator) includes the following tasks:

  • Test and analyze existing networks
  • Make regular changes to ensure proper network performance
  • Search for LAN (LAN), LAN (WAN), and networks

Computer specialist to update, analyze, store and troubleshoot computer problems in an organization. They can set up support boards, update or repair computer hardware and related devices, or check for external threats. To become an expert in computer networking, you usually need a lot of knowledge about network management.

What is internet service? Internet communication services have important features, including reliability and security of network and enterprise systems. Network communication services require extensive knowledge of network connectivity, protocols, and network storage devices, network types (including wireless, visual or Cat5 models) as well as standard operating systems such as Windows and UNIX.

Types of internet services are:

  • Computer assistant
  • Computer network administrators
  • Information security experts
  • Computer and network operators

Requirements for network services may be sufficient to cover large-scale organization, troubleshooting, and system configuration. The requirements for network communication are divided into different software languages ​​that need to be understood in order to fully integrate the user's network. The job description of an IT specialist can include a series of registered trainings or specific professional decision-making at the company.

The Cisco Network Technical Service description may include different levels of the Cisco operating system. The training leads to six different certification processes. The definition of a computer program implies that the person understands the network and the certification process chosen. Computer network information may vary, but most teams choose the best operating system, such as the Cisco Validated Design Guide (CVD).

CIS (Center for Internet Security) teaches best practices, tools and threats to cyber security. The CIS network specialist wants to understand & promote the knowledge & implementation of advanced standards.

At the initial stage, computer network technician can respond to difficult calls and e-mails from telephone companies. They will be able to visually and personally identify and provide repair instructions. In a high-profile job as a researcher or administrator, computer scientists often expose Internet access to problems, security threats, or connectivity issues. They can also configure and maintain storage devices to secure your company's software, systems, and databases.



As a network engineer, you need:

Create network environments by configuring system settings, managing system configuration, as well as defining, recording, and implementing system values

  • Designing and implementing new solutions and improving the stability of the environment
  • Improve network performance through performance monitoring, troubleshooting network problems and bugs, promoting upgrades, as well as working with architects to improve your network.
  • Runs data network failures locally and environmentally using information from multiple sources
  • Establish and implement a protected network as well as define access and monitoring
  • Supports and operates firewall environments in accordance with technology protection laws
  • Reports on network performance, collects and prioritizes information, and manages services
  • Update your data networking software with a firmware version
  • Configures air traffic controllers and switches, maintains IP voice functionality, and maintains firewalls
  • Provides site engineers with remote support for users / customers during installation
  • Provides troubleshooting and remote problems if you encounter problems during the initial installation
  • Also exercises the ability to manage and monitor IP addresses as well as store devices and databases
  • Contact project management team, third class engineers and full time desk engineers
  • Communicate with customers via email and phone regarding the first requirement.

Computer networks Requirements:

Education requirements:

According to the US Department of Labor (BLS), Internet communication professionals usually require a university degree and a general BA degree for work. Many universities offer major courses such as computer science, web technology, and software development or information storage. These programs teach content and content in network settings, and students can also take on optional teaching assignments to become proficient in specific areas such as storage, networking, or programming.

Other skills:

Computer networking professionals need to have good communication skills. They work with internal and external customers, suppliers and other IT professionals and seek communication in technical and non-technical languages. Individual work may be required. You may need an Internet connection specialist to download and download software from a rigid computer, travel, or set up a cable or mobile phone.

You usually need a certificate in the following subjects:

  • Computer technology
  • software / computer system
  • computer systems and networks
  • electricity
  • mathematics
  • network storage manager

It is possible to get into this job without a degree if you have the necessary experience.

There are several opportunities to get to know level 4 networks.

Employers often expect you to continue your studies in order to qualify (if you do not already have one). For example, colleges & training groups participate in the Cisco Networking Academy program, which offers no.of certifications for students & Internet users.


Some organizations and technology companies offer professional certificates that can be as useful as a college degree. Those wishing to disclose general network information may obtain a CompTIA Network + or Security + certificate. In addition, professionals working in a network or software can demonstrate their expertise in vendor technologies, such as Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist or Cisco Certified Network Professional, by signing in and obtaining a special certification different. Cisco offers a wide range of certifications and training programs. Registered as an architect, professional, partner, professional, professional and architect. Below each of these names is a list of rankings.

Salaries and Rewards:

  • Basic salaries range from £ 19,000 to £ 20,000.
  • From experience, you can gain between 35 and 55,000 pounds.
  • Network Technician salary between £ 50,000 and £ 70,000 a year. Contract workers can be paid and the cost can range from £ 175 to £ 500 per day.

The benefits can include pensions, car insurance, personal health insurance and budgets.

Salary depends on the size, type and category of the company you work for and the size and width of your computer and network setup. The value of IT equipment also affects salaries, so London City network engineers, for example, can pay a lot of money.