What is super visa insurance? What you get if you take it?

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the process of applying for a Super Visa or Visitors Visa, we'd like to help you with one of the most important parts: insurance coverage.

What is super visa insurance? What you get if you take it?

If you're having trouble with the Super Visa or Visitors visa application procedure, we'd be happy to help you with the most critical part of it: insurance coverage.

People who just moved to Canada often go to the doctor within the first few months. Long trips are hard on their health, especially for older parents who use the Super Visa program. People are more likely to get sick when they are in a new place, have jet lag, eat or drink something different, or are stressed. Stress and a weakened immune system can cause old illnesses to come back. Thats why super visa insurance is much needed to protect your self.

How can you get ready and keep the people you care about safe? Should you choose the plan with the best benefits or the one with the lowest price? You could do both. We've come up with 6 questions you should ask your broker before buying insurance to find the best coverage.

How much money does a certain policy cover in total?

Remember that we recommend at least $50,000 for short trips (two to three months) and $100,000 for long-term visitors.

What kinds of deductibles are there?

When you add a deductible to your insurance, the price goes down, but you have to pay before the insurance kicks in. We recommend that you don't spend more than $1,000 because it's a big risk and could get you turned down for a visa. Some companies do offer deductibles of up to $10,000, which lowers the price a lot but makes getting insurance pointless.

Does this plan cover my state or nation?

Make sure you ask your broker to tell you what the limits of coverage are. There are some exceptions, but most Visitors plans work in all provinces. If you want to travel to other countries, make sure your side trips are covered. As a rule of thumb, the side trips will be covered as long as you spend most of your time in Canada.

Will I have insurance right away?

In certain situations, you may have to wait anywhere from 24 hours to 8 days. It makes sense to apply for insurance coverage before you get there and not wait at all. Get in touch with our representatives to find the best solution.

Will my condition that was already there be covered?

Coverage for pre-existing conditions can be added if there has been at least a few months of stability. Commonly, it's 6 months, but you should check with your broker just to be sure. High blood pressure, diabetes, and heart diseases are the most common health problems. People with these conditions will need to get insurance for sure!

What should I do if I'm in trouble?

After you buy your insurance policy, you will be given a number to call in case of an emergency. Before you go to a doctor, call this number and you will be given help and a list of suggested doctors. Most of the time, your insurance company will be able to set up direct billing so you don't have to pay out of pocket. If you don't tell the insurance company, you may have to pay a fine!