Waste decomposer online

Waste Decomposer pouch is a solid state waste decomposer culture that helps small land holding farmers improve their soil health. It can also be used in housing societies that compost wet garbage.

Waste Decomposer Online is one of the best 100% Organic Product.

If you are using to decompose household waste you can add 1-2 gm powder from the pouch in 50-70 ml water, mix well and spray on the layers of waste that you will be adding in pit/pot/container.

You may need to strain the mixture before spraying as the carrier used for this product may choke the outlet of sprayer.

You can add that carrier (flocculent) left behind in the waste heap. Buy waste decomposer online from here.

(No need to add jaggery as the microbial count is sufficient for household waste) Spray every 6-7 days on layer added along with the dry matter & soil you might be adding in the layers.

Mix the entire heap well after every 15 days.

Compost should get ready in 35-40 days. Do not add excessive water as it will delay drying process.

Just sufficient moisture should be maintained for microbes to act on waste.

It can also be added to potting mix in case of new plants during planting.

Similar mixture as above can be made and sprayed directly on soil in already existing potted plants.

Suggestion is to rake the soil a little, without disturbing roots so that the mixture can reach mid-levels of pot and cover with removed soil again.