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Most comprehensive coverage of compliance amongst the available compliance solutions in India, we ensure you don’t miss any compliance or legal updates . Know all you need about compliance in a single screen.

Unified system with integrated legal library to identify, allocate, report and monitor regulatory compliance across ecosystem. we ensure you don’t miss any compliance or legal updates. F
Director Identification Number (DIN) means an identification number allotted by the Central Government to any individual, intending to be appointed as director or to any existing director of a company, for the purpose of his identification as a director of a company.[Rule 2(d) of Companies (Appointment and Qualification of Directors) Rules, 2014].

The following procedure is to be followed for
Section 14(1) of the Companies Act, 2013 lays down that subject to the provisions of this Act and the conditions contained in its memorandum, if any, a company may, by a special resolution, alter its articles including alterations having the effect of conversion of -
(a) A Private Company into a Public Company; or
(b) A public company into a private company.
A Company may alter its Articles in
Pay attention to the legal strategy of your business
It will pay off!
If you think through the legal strategy for your business, it can help you in the long run, especially when a legal challenge comes up. Do pay attention to these aspects:

1.The Legal Identity – Proprietorship , Partnership or Company? If you are starting a business, make sure to assess the goal of your business and accordi
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Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) recognizes that a specific framework to manufacture and market proprietary food is required in accordance with the global best practices to provide certainty to all stakeholders while providing them with the flexibility to innovate.

Earlier the Food Safety and Standards (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) Regulations, 2011 defines“t
LexComply is one of the most intelligent compliance tools. This cloud based tool is real simple to use and has responsive UI. It’s safe and secure since we work on the SSL and all your data is encrypted.” The complete suite of LexComply includes LexComply-Corp (for corporate), LexComply-Pro (for professionals), LexComply-CompAct 2013, LexComply-TRAI, LexComply-FIRE, LexComply-FSSAI, LexComply-FDI
Practice Management Software for Dental which provides Reception, OPD billing, Report, Dentist Clinical Records, EMR solution, Patient Registration, Print Receipt.

Front Office
New Patient Registration
Easy Old Patient Search
Appointment & Billing
Case Paper
Waiting Alarm
Token Display System
OPD Billing
OPD Billing/Customize Bill Groups
Form 3C Register

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Looking for developing a mobile app that can help you complement your business? If you’re new to business and are looking at the mobile app to help you get the first major breakthrough, here is something you should know. Most mobile apps fail and in fact if you’re launching on the Android platform, remember that only a quarter of the apps actually make it to the profit book.
Internet citizens and anyone who has used email for any length of time knows that they have to be on the alert for unwanted emails. This suspicion is one of the reasons it is difficult to use unsolicited emails for internet marketing any more. Instead a far more effective method is to create excitement in customers you already know is through some promotion that they want to hear about in their

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