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All this time, we have been hearing mobile apps for small business, how to improve your business with mobile apps? Mobile app a necessity or luxury for business. Ever wondered why just business? The profession can also be in the need of mobile apps. Mobile app development India has started creating an app for professionals and several employees have admitted that there has been a commendable incr
'Of course, you can outsource.' Quite astonishing, right? For all these donkey's years, what we all have been hearing is all pessimistic things about outsourcing when it comes to app development. But why? Yes, I do agree in house app development has pros one could not take the eyes off from but outsourcing is beneficial on its own side. Basically, why people think of outsourcing at first?
With routine life packed with a schedule, time is always something that entire human colony is running short of. Back in the date, there was a time, people strive hard to go out dine and wine which is now totally altered as people in the current generation are striving hard to stay at home, lie around the sofa corner and enjoy pizza while watching TV. Well, you have to go out and buy pizza which
Learning is a process, you can never put a full stop. You cannot sit in a classroom for life long of course. This doesn’t mean you should finish your learning. So is there any mid way? In 2017, with technology trending at its peak, yes, definitely there’s a way out. A learner can be of age 15 or he can also be of age 50. Learning can be before getting the job or it can be training for getting the
Make your way, either you can have or you can’t. Don’t settle for something in between that too on the opinion of other users keeping aside your own brain. You might not be in the know of the SaaS business or whether it gives a positive or negative impact to the mobile app, but you are always open with the option of indulging into research and knowing the facts yourself and not believing mere tal
Hyping usability, enhanced security standards, ever changing tech trends, evolving and upward rising user expectations, rapid app development needs, the threat of survival has increased the pressure on the developers to stay ahead of the technology and keep on surprising the users. You can’t just pick the line there is no such thing as innovation left and sit back and relax and still expect the u
It’s nothing but mere porkies. The town is flooded with the talks mobile apps are on the decline, the app store is on the verge of death, instant apps and chatbots will eat up the native apps, I mean really is this the future of mobile app development? Let’s have a face-to-face interrogation with reality which is totally divergent from what people have filled their mind with. The app boom is not
IT and app developers are not much distant. The distinctive line between both of them is blurring with the passing minute. Let it be management, automation software or monitoring, all the sectors have advanced which pushed the physical IT infrastructure away. Well, managing servers, storage, and networks are no longer done by them at least not to the level they use to do back in the date. Now, al
Users don’t stay if you don’t give them the reason to stay. It’s general if you are watching TV and following any TV show, but it shows the similar set of things every day, you will stop watching it, right? Well, the similar thing happens with your mobile app as well. Users will throw your app right away from their phone if it falls back in interesting them or entailing them with something that t
Outsourcing in-app field has grown to be very popular on the grounds of its numerous benefits highlighting the major one of cost-effectiveness. It does have some drawbacks, but with the growing popularity and passing time, steps have been taken for the eradication of the same. Well, this concept was not this much prevalent, but since past few years, the usage of mobile apps is the new buzz and it
App tech moves fast, but you better be faster. $189 billion, yes you heard it right, it’s the figure that predictive analytic have come up with for mobile app revenue by 2020. App developers grab the fest. The majority of apps have been created not because there’s a channel to fill but there was an opportunity to grab.

The market is not scare with developers having an out of the box idea and w
An ideal app is one which smoothly interfaces with its own server or set of network services. But it’s turning out to be an actual struggle for mobile app developers that how they should pick and choose a server or the cloud providing excellent support to things such as storage, data, analytics and push notifications which are incorporated to almost all apps. Fortunately, there are ways to get

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