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How to improve video quality during your wedding live stream?
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You have decided to broadcast your wedding live, congratulations! You've taken a big step to get your family and friends involved in your event and they will love it.

It's no secret that watching live video feels more connected and personal than watching an event a few days ago.

Instead of sharing pre-recorded video when your videographer makes final edits, live streaming of your particular day allows you to share important moments as they happen. We like wedding videos but now 3 months delivery is not acceptable.

Here are some things you need to know about improving your videos:

- Improving your internet connection has a huge impact on your video quality.

- The video quality of your marriage live stream is the same as your video source (your phone or device).

Now, let's talk about common video issues:

# 1: Switch from WiFi to LTE

When your guests arrive at the venue, they can use local WiFi for social media, video calls, or any other use. It consumes upload bandwidth and can reduce the quality of your video live stream to maintain low internet speeds.

Anyone on the platform (including vendors) can access Wi-Fi at any time, which can lead to an unexpected drop in quality. This can be easily fixed by having an LTE connection on hand. Turn off WiFi and notice how your signal increases.

# 2: Stay close to the router

When you are broadcasting an indoor event live streaming in bangalore, WiFi may be your best choice. The easiest way to correct a WiFi signal is to walk close to the Internet source and stay within range during live streaming. Sometimes moving the router closer to the function also depends on the platform.

# 3: Clean your lenses

This may seem like a silly improvement, but it's very common for people to watch live without cleaning their camera lenses. Wipe your smartphone camera with a rag to improve the quality of your live stream.

# 4: Use a phone or device with a better resolution

Many of our customers have decided to use older iPads instead of their phones for live streaming. While iPads are great, their quality is generally lower than a new phone. Whenever possible, use a modern phone to broadcast your wedding day live streaming and your video quality will be excellent.

# 5: Stabilize your image

The more you rotate your camera, the more the image will need to be refreshed. If you hold your phone by the hand rather than on a tripod, you are further stretching your internet connection.

Arrange your smartphone on a tripod in the middle of the corridor and your image quality will improve.

# 6: Stay away from walls (and close to WiFi)

Walls and water are the biggest enemies of WiFi. If you have multiple walls between you and the router, your signal may be significantly reduced. With water (fountains, pools and others) it gets even worse. Stay away from water if you are broadcasting live via WiFi.

# 7: Remote location? Try different mobile networks

Some of our brides get married in the middle of mountains where LTE is never available. Various providers have much coverage, so we recommend top networks that you try Companies are available whenever possible.

# 8: Ask people to stop video calling on the same network

The Internet is spreading to everyone who uses bandwidth. When you are broadcasting a wedding live, but three other people are making a video call to someone at home to show you your beautiful appearance, the quality of everyone is declining. Whenever possible, use another contact or ask people to avoid video calls.

Only so much! All of these are solutions that can help you improve your live streaming experience. As always, if you cannot resolve anything or you need to ask us anything, we are here to help. If you have not read our live streaming guide on weddings, I strongly recommend you to check it out.

Whether you still want to broadcast your wedding live or you are already committed to doing so, we are here every step of the way.


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